Bram De Looze

In 2018, Bram launched a new project, which is a perfect sequel to his Piano é Forte. In this project, De Looze plays on a brand new unique Chris Maene Concert Grand Piano. This grand piano doesn’t just possess the strength of a modern piano, but also the warmth of its historical predecessors.

Chris Maene specifically chose De Looze as an ambassador of this new instrument for the Jazz. This revolutionary piano was especially made upon request of Maestro Daniel Barenboim. In this design the piano has parallel chords instead of diagonal ones. This results in a transparent, clear and superior sound, which allows you to clearly distinguish different tone registers. It was not just commercial and contemporary music, but ancient classic piano literature as well that inspired De Looze to be extra creative, from Bach, Stravinsky to Ornette Coleman, Monk to Jason Moran and Steve Lehman.

As a pianist, you simply cannot help to take notice of this unique sound. You simply cannot resist playing it. It affects the way you approach the modern piano artistically, offering a new consciousness, a new beginning, a new journey.  This instrument is astoundingly bright and rich-colored, allowing the pianist to reach an intense level of density, dynamics, resonance and timbre. 

Bram De Looze – Piano

Bram De Looze will be playing at Club Telex Friday the 5th of April.