Echoes Of Zoo

Echoes of Zoo is the latest project of saxophone player Nathan Daems, with musicians from bands like Black Flower, De Beren Gieren, Compro Oro and Sylvie Kreusch. With Echoes of Zoo, exciting melodies, contagious groove & inventive improvisations merge into psychedelic jazz with a punk attitude; a small revolt with voiced animal language, in the twilight zone between Ibrahim Maalouf, Sons of Kemet and Dans Dans. From the high voltage vibe of Middle Eastern rock music to the percussive intricacy of West African drums with some dirty dub flavors thrown in for good measure. They create a hard-hitting, addictive and groundbreaking sound full of grooves and beats that will keep you wanting more. In January 2019, they released their debut EP ‘First Provocations’.

Nathan Daems (tenor saxophone) Bart Vervaeck (electric guitar) Lieven Van Pée (electric bass) Falk Schrauwen (drums)

Echoes of Zoo will be playing at Trefpunt Saturday the 6th of April. (22:40 > 23:25)