You could call her the Belgian answer to Binkbeats.”Ness Radio

In her solo project, ESINAM joggles with traditional instruments like the tama, kalimba and pandeiro, which she superbly loops and blends with the sounds of her flute, keyboard and her soulful voice, revealing herself as a genuine ‘one-woman band’. Her compositions carry traces from different worlds, geographically, culturally and musically. On stage she tries to preserve as much freedom as possible, by defining as little as possible in advance. Melanie De Biasio, Teme Tan and Selah Sue love her unique musical universe and asked her to support them at their sold-out shows. Baloji invited her to guest on his latest album. Her debut EP was released in September 2018 (Sdban Ultra).Esinam Dogbatse (zang, dwarsfluit, keyboard, percussie & electronica)

ESINAM will be playing at Trefpunt Friday the 5th of April. (22:30 > 23:15)