Skordatura is a band resolutely based in the here and now. Their sound and style reflect the current overload of information and a fragmentation of identities.  As such, their adrenalin-driven sensory thrills are not meant to soothe or comfort the listener, but take them on an extravagant quest.

This is what happens when you bring together four melomaniacs with their own backgrounds and loves. Progressive rock and fusion are always lurking behind the corner. This is evident from the complex structures, the technical virtuosity, the angular rhythms and the voluptuous colorings. And if that suggests an overwhelmingly sounding bombast, it is kept in check with an efficient force and evident need to keep searching for new adventures There is a common ground with a variety of bands – the dark atmospheres of Nordmann, the rhythmic focus of STUFF., the sci-fi dreams of John Ghost – but Skordatura is its own band.

It is remarkable that the band has been around in the same line-up since 2005. Albums How To Chase A Minute In One Second (2014) and Empty The Headbin (2016) were not the product of talented newcomers that carelessly combined a bunch of ideas, but the sound of a group of artists that collectively found a new form of expression. Their specific take contains echoes both from the past and from contemporary innovators, such as Wayne Shorter, Steve Coleman and Vijay Iyer, but the methods used maintain their own balance of cerebral tension and visceral impact, fresh challenges and the familiar.

With rolling rhythms, sharp injections, angular grooves, moments of humor and an otherworldly sound that occasionally reminds you of the intergalactic funk of Battles, they cook up a simmering pot of ideas. In that way, Skordatura remains an exciting and sustainable laboratory. A third album is planned for 2020.

Jakob Haeghebaert – guitar
Bas Bulteel – keys
Joshua Dellaert – bass
Sebastiaan Vekeman – drums 

Skordatura will be playing at Bar Mirwaar Friday the 5th of April. (22:45 > 23:30)